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Challenging criminological theory : the legacy of Ruth Rosner Kornhauser / Francis T. Cullen, Pamela Wilcox, Robert J. Sampson, and Brendan D. Dooley, editors.

New Brunswick : Transaction Publishers, [2015]
429 pages ; 24 cm.
  • Advances in criminological theory ; v. 19. [More in this series]
  • Advances in criminological theory ; volume 19
Summary note:
This volume is divided into five sections that, when taken together, offer an informative account of the impact of Ruth Rosner Kornhauser's Social Sources of Delinquency on the development of American criminological thought. This classic book was her major contribution to the field. Section I tells the story of Kornhauser's brief but influential academic career. Section II probes deeply into the specific ways in which she challenged criminological theory and the subsequent responses that were forthcoming. Section III then presents commentary on the lines of inquiry inspired by Kornhauser's book and orientation to criminological theory. Section IV explores recent efforts to move beyond Kornhauser's insights on communities and crime. Section V concludes with three critical essays contending that Social Sources of Delinquency paid insufficient attention to criminal motivation, the role of opportunity in offending, and gangs and girls. -- from dust jacket.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
Ruth Rosner Kornhauser : a personal and intellectual history / Anne M. Kornhauser -- Ruth Rosner Kornhauser's 1963 manuscript : an introduction / Brendan D. Dooley -- Theoretical issues in the sociological study of juvenile delinquency / Ruth Rosner Kornhauser -- Ruth and me / Travis Hirschi -- Social sources of delinquency and the second coming of Shaw and McKay / Robert J. Bursik, Jr. -- Social structure, culture and crime : assessing Kornhauser's challenge to criminology / Ross L. Matsueda -- Challenging Kornhauser's critique of strain theory / Robert Agnew and Francis T. Cullen -- Strength of control theory / Chester L. Britt and Barbara J. Costello -- Cultural disorganization and crime / Charis E. Kubrin -- Social disorganization, collective efficacy, and macro-level theories of social control / Barbara D. Warner and Robert J. Sampson -- Social disorganization and criminal opportunity / Pamela Wilcox and Kenneth C. Land -- Concentrated disadvantage, the persistence of legal cynicism, and crime : revisiting the conception of "culture" in criminology / David S. Kirk and Andrew V. Papachristos -- Neighborhoods, social networks, and crime / John R. Hipp and Adam Boessen -- The contested place of motivation in criminological theory / David F. Greenberg -- Taking criminal opportunity seriously : an actor-centered approach / Darrell J. Steffensmeier and Jeffery T/ Ulmer -- Bringing gangs and girls back in / Cheryl L. Maxson.
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