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Observing policy-making in Indonesia / Erhard Friedberg, Mary E. Hilderbrand, editors.

  • Singapore : This Springer imprint is published by Springer Nature, [2017]
  • ©2017
xiii, 232 pages : illustrations, maps ; 24 cm
Notes: Post-test.
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  • Notes; Currency Conversion; Preface; Acknowledgments; Thesis Advisors; English Instructors; Contents; Introduction; 1 Making Policy Education Relevant to Policy-Making; 1.1 The Changing Mission of Policy Schools; 1.2 Policy-Making Is not Just the Design of Sound Policies; 1.3 The Real Meaning of Teaching Policy Implementation; 1.4 Bringing the Classroom to the Policy Fields; 1.5 A Few Final Remarks About the Content of This Book; 2 Highlights and Reflections on Policy-Making in Indonesia; Case-Studies; 3 Tourism Development in West Nusa Tenggara; 3.1 Executive Summary.
  • 3.2 Introduction and Research Design3.2.1 Introduction; 3.2.2 Research Question; 3.2.3 Research Design; Qualitative Approach; Quantitative Approach; 3.3 Background and Context; 3.3.1 Government Involvement in Tourism Development; 3.3.2 The Mandalika Project in Central Lombok; Location; Land Ownership System; People; Governance Structure; Developers; Original Development Proposal; BTDC Replaces LTDC; Environmental Impact Statement (EIS); 3.3.3 Conclusion; 3.4 Results and Analysis; 3.4.1 Introduction.
  • 3.4.2 Institutional Actors3.4.2.1 Government; State-Owned Enterprise; Investors; Sasak Community; Villagers; Relationships Between Actors; 3.4.3 Information Flow; Villagers' Perspective; BTDC's Perspective; Government's Perspective; 3.4.4 Property Rights; Villagers' Perspective; BTDC's Perspective; Government's Perspective; Others; 3.4.5 Coordination; BTDC's Perspective; Government's Perspective; 3.4.6 Translation of the Nusa Dua Model to Mandalika; BTDC's Perspective.
  • Villagers' Perspective3.4.7 Creating a Place of Exclusiveness; Villagers' Perspective; BTDC's Perspective; 3.4.8 Summary; 3.5 Conclusion and Implications; 3.5.1 Summary; 3.5.2 Broader Implications of the Research; 3.5.3 Concluding Remarks; References; 4 Open Recruitment for District and Ward Heads in Jakarta Administration; 4.1 Executive Summary; 4.2 Introduction; 4.2.1 Background; Jakarta and Open Recruitment Policy; Support and Opposition; 4.2.2 Research Question; 4.2.3 Research Methodology; 4.2.4 The Arguments; 4.3 The Open Recruitment Implementation.
  • 4.3.1 General Setting4.3.1.1 The Actors; Internal Actors; External Actors; Relationship Between Actors; District and Ward Head Recruitment; Preparation; Team formation; Technical preparation; Test material preparation; 4.3.2 The Mechanism; Pre-test; Announcement (April 1 2013); Dissemination of information (4-5 April 2013); Registration (8-22 April 2013); Test; Field Competencies Test (27-28 April 2013); Managerial test (7 May to 10 June 2013).
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