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Snowbird : integrative biology and evolutionary diversity in the Junco / edited by Ellen D. Ketterson and Jonathan W. Atwell.

  • Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2016.
  • ©2016
xiv, 389 pages : illustrations (some color), maps (some color) ; 24 cm
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Introduction / Ellen D. Ketterson and Jonathan W. Atwell -- The junco : a common bird and a classic subject for descriptive and experimental studies in evolutionary and integrative biology / Ellen D. Ketterson and Jonathan W. Atwell -- Axes of biogeographic variation in the avian genus junco : habitat, morphology, migration, and seasonal timing, with implications for diversification under heteropatry / Jonathan W. Atwell, Dawn O'Neal, and Ellen D. Ketterson -- Phenotypic engineering : a long-term study using hormones to study life-history trade-offs and sexual conflict / Nicole M. Gerlach and Ellen D. Ketterson -- Hormonal pleiotropy and the evolution of correlated traits / Joel W. McGlothlin and Ellen D. Ketterson -- Individual variation and selection on hormone-mediated phenotypes in male and female dark-eyed juncos / Kristal Cain, Jodie M. Jawor, and Joel W. McGlothlin -- Diving deeper into mechanism : individual and sex differences in testosterone production, sensitivity, and genomic responses / Kimberly A. Rosvall, Christine M. Bergeon Burns, and Mark P. Peterson -- More than meets the eye : lineage diversity and evolutionary history of dark-eyed and yellow-eyed juncos / Borja Milá, Pau Aleixandre, Sofía Alvarez-Nordström, and John McCormack -- The potential role of parapatric and alloparapatric divergence in junco speciation / Trevor D. Price and Daniel M. Hooper -- Shifts in hormonal, morphological, and behavioral traits in a novel environment : comparing recently diverged junco populations / Jonathan W. Atwell, Danielle J. Whittaker, Trevor D. Price, and Ellen D. Ketterson -- A physiological view of population divergence : comparing hormone production and response mechanisms / Christine M. Bergeon Burns and Kimberly A. Rosvall -- Mate choice in dark-eyed juncos using visual, acoustic, and chemical cues / Danielle J. Whittaker and Nicole M. Gerlach -- Dark-eyed junco song : linking ontogeny and function with a potential role in reproductive isolation / Gonçalo C. Cardoso and Dustin G. Reichard -- Standing on the shoulders : agendas for future research addressing evolutionary and integrative biology in a rapidly evolving songbird / Ellen D. Ketterson and Jonathan W. Atwell.
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