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Early and late Latin : continuity or change? / edited by James Adams and Nigel Vincent ; with the assistance of Valerie Knight.

  • Cambridge, United Kingdom : Cambridge University Press, 2016.
  • ©2016
xx, 470 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
Summary note:
This book addresses the question of whether there are continuities in Latin spanning the period from the early Republic through to the development of the Romance languages. It is often maintained that various usages admitted by early comedy were rejected later by the literary language but continued in speech, to resurface centuries later in the written record (and Romance). Are certain similarities between early and late Latin all that they seem, or might they be superficial, reflecting different phenomena at different periods? Most of the chapters, on numerous syntactic and other topics and using different methodologies, have a long chronological range. All attempt to identify patterns of change that might undermine any theory of submerged continuity. The patterns found are summarised in a concluding chapter. The volume will appeal to classicists with an interest in any of the different periods of Latin, and also to Romance linguists.
"The chapters in this volume derive for the most part from papers given at a workshop held at The University of Manchester on 12-13 May 2014 with the title 'Early Latin and late Latin/Romance: continuity and innovation'. Our guiding idea was to explore the traditional view that there are connections between early and late Latin which, so to speak, go underground during the classical period; hence the term 'submerged' Latin which occurs in a number of the chapters that follow."--Preface.
Bibliographic references:
Includes bibliographical references (pages 431-458) and indexes.
Continuity and change in the history of Latin / Nigel Vincent -- Comic lexicon: searching for 'submerged' Latin from Plautus to Erasmus / Giuseppe Pezzini -- Third person possessives from early Latin to late Latin and Romance / Tommaso Mari -- The language of a Pompeian tavern: submerged Latin? / James Clackson -- Ad versus the dative: from early to late Latin / James Adams and Wolfgang De Melo -- Variation and change in Latin be-periphrases: empirical and methodological considerations / Lieven Danckaert -- Analytic passives and deponents in classical and later Latin / Philip Burton -- On the use of habeo and the perfect participle in earlier and later Latin / Gerd V.M. Haverling -- Expressions of time in early and late Latin: the case of temporal habet / Stelios Panayotakis -- Quid ago? quid facimus? 'deliberative' indicative questions from early to late Latin / Anna Chahoud -- On coepi/incipio + infinitive: some new remarks / Giovanbattista Galdi -- Infinitives with verbs of motion from Latin to Romance / James Adams and Nigel Vincent -- Causatives in Latin and Romance / Nigel Vincent -- The development of the comparative in Latin texts / Brigitte L.M. Bauer -- Analytic and synthetic forms of the comparative and superlative from early to late Latin / Robert Maltby -- Left-detached constructions from early to late Latin (nominatiuus pendens and attractio inuersa) / Hilla Halla-Aho -- Six notes on Latin correlatives / Philomen Probert and Eleanor Dickey -- Epilogue: some patterns of change / James Adams.
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