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On the freedom of the sea / Joseph-Mathias Gérard de Rayneval, sometime premier commis, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France ; translated from the French by Peter Stephen Du Ponceau, sometime president, American Philosophical Society, corresponding member. Institut de France ; edited with an Introduction by William E. Butler, John Edward Fowler Distinguished Professor of Law, Pennsylvania State University, Foreign Member, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and National Academy of Legal Sciences of Ukraine.

Gérard de Rayneval, J.-M. (Joseph-Mathias), 1736-1812 [Browse]
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  • Clark, New Jersey : Talbot Publishing, [2013]
  • ©2013
lxx, 181, iv, 146 pages ; 24 cm
  • "Published by Talbot Publishing/The Lawbook Exchange, Inc. by William E. Butler"--Page facing title page, page [ii].
  • Publication from an unpublished manuscript held by the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia. -- Acknowledgments.
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
  • Gerard de Rayneval and the Law of nations / William E. Butler -- VOLUME ONE: The author's preface -- OF THE FREEDOM OF THE SEA GENERALLY CONSIDERED: Of this pretended right of dominion of the sea : opinions of Grotius and Selden : refutation of the latter -- OF THE SEA IN TIME OF WAR: General observations -- Mutual independence is the foundation of the Law of nations -- The principles of the Law of nations applied to the sea -- First exception in time of war with respect to belligerent powers -- Second exception with respect to neutrals -- Of impartiality -- Of the prohibition of arms and ammunition, and incidentally of money -- Of naval stores -- Enemy's property under a neutral flag -- Neutral property under an enemy's flag -- Of the extension of neutral trade in time of war -- Of presumption with respect to property shipped on board of neutral vessels -- Of presumption with respect to neutral goods on board of enemy's ships -- Of neutral vessels deviating from their direct course -- Of declaratory edicts and proclamations -- Of the right of search -- Of resistance -- Of vessels under convoy -- Of sieges and blockades -- Of the competent judge of prizes -- Of reciprocity and reprisals -- An examination of the doctrine of Mr. Jenkinson (Earl of Liverpool) -- Of the authority of precedents -- Of edicts and treaties -- Of the Convention of 1780, known under the denomination of the armed neutrality -- Of the Conventions of 1800 and 1801 -- of the right of pre-emption -- Of the rights and duties of privateers.
  • VOLUME TWO: Introductory observations -- Of the dominion claimed by Great Britain over certain parts of the sea : analysis and refutation of Selden's argument in support thereof -- A discourse on the conduct of the government of Great Britain in respect to neutral nations / Charles Jenkinson -- A memorial delivered by Sir Joseph Yorke to the deputies of the States General on the 2 November 1778 -- Memorial presented by Sir Joseph Yorke, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the King of Great Britain to their High Mightinesses, the States General of the United Provinces of the Low Countries on the 22d of July 1779 -- Declaration of war against the Hollanders : Manifesto -- Answer of the States-General to the Manifesto of the King of Great Britain.
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