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令孃成長双六 / 大丸印刷部著作永井清治郎.

Reijō seichō sugoroku / Daimaru insatsubu chosaku Nagai Seijirō.

Visual material
  • Ōsaka : Daimaru gofukuten, Meiji 43 [1910]
  • 大阪 : 大丸呉服店, 明治43 [1910]
1 sheet : color ; 49.5 x 66 cm
  • Title in translation: The development of your (honorable) daughter.
  • Cotsen copy: Cotsen copy has two red stamps on the left-hand side, one warning of copyright infringement.
  • This sugoroku game follows a well-bred young woman from birth, through the various stages of development, to the ultimate goal of marriage. Along the way, she has many opportunities to dress up, which made this sugoroku game a particularly good vehicle for promoting the printer and publisher, the Kimono Sales Division of the Daimaru Department Store. On her first visit to the shrine after birth, her mother carries her draped in an elegant child's kimono while a maid follows close on her heels. Then comes her first Peach Blossom (Doll's Day) fesival, her first solid food, and all the array of materials available for her first spring wardrobe at the Daimaru spring sale. We then follow her from crawling to her first steps, her first words, and then by June, a bargain sale at Daimaru for summer kimono. If players land on one of the Daimaru sales events, they get to skip a number of spaces. The daughter goes to finishing school and takes lessons in flower arranging and koto and learns to cook, knit, and sew. Finally, it shows all the preparations for her wedding and dowry, which are all being handled by Daimaru. The goal (agari) depicts the daughter dressed as a bride, following her mother into an elegant reception room.
Source acquisition:
Purchase; Don Cohn; 2014.
TopicJapanPictorial works [Browse]
Color prints, Japanese Meiji period, 1868-1912.
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