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Every 25 seconds : the human toll of criminalizing drug use in the United States / Human Rights Watch.

[New York] : Human Rights Watch, c2016.
196 pages ; 27 cm.
"This report was researched and written by Tess Borden, Aryeh Neier Fellow with the US Program at Human Rights Watch and the Human Rights Program at the American Civil Liberties Union."--P. 195.
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Summary -- A National Problem -- Aggressive Policing -- Racial Discrimination -- Small-Scale Drug Use: Prosecutions for Tiny Amounts -- A System that Coerces Guilty Pleas -- Incarceration for Drug Possession -- Probation, Criminal Justice Debt, and Collateral Consequences -- A Call for Decriminalization -- Key Recommendations -- Methodology -- I. The Human Rights Case for Decriminalization -- II. Background -- The "War on Drugs" -- Drug Use in the United States -- State Drug Possession Laws -- III. The Size of the Problem: Arrests for Drug Use Nationwide -- Possession Arrests by the Numbers -- Racial Disparities -- Incentives for Drug Arrests -- IV. The Experience of Being Policed -- Pretextual Stops and Searches without Consent -- Feeling Targeted -- V. Aggressive Prosecutions -- Going after the Small Stuff -- Possession Charges in Texas for Fractions of a Gram -- Paraphernalia Charged as Possession -- Medications Made into Felonies -- Charging Distribution in Possession Cases -- VI. Pretrial Detention and the False Choice of a Plea Deal -- Pretrial Detention -- Coerced Guilty Pleas -- Pleading to Get Out of Jail -- Pleading to Avoid the Trial Penalty -- Pleading When Innocent -- VII. Sentencing by the Numbers -- VIII. Living Under a Dark Cloud: Probation and Criminal Justice Debt -- Probation -- Onerous Conditions -- Financial Costs -- Violations and Revocations -- Criminal Justice Debt -- IX. The Impact of Incarceration and a Criminal Record -- When People Are Locked Up -- Impact on Family -- Impact on Health -- Returning to Nothing -- When People Are Labeled Drug Offenders and Felons -- Exclusion from Public Benefits and Rights -- Vulnerability to Private Discrimination -- X. How Criminalization Undermines Health -- Failure to Provide Appropriate Treatment for Drug Dependence -- Obstacles to Emergency Care -- Drug Courts: A Flawed Solution -- The US Drug Court Model -- Human Rights Concerns -- XI. The Way Forward: A Call for Decriminalization -- Portugal's Successful Decriminalization of All Drugs -- US States' Experiments with Marijuana Decriminalization -- Recommendations -- To State Legislatures -- To Sheriffs and Police -- To State Prosecutors -- To State Judges and Judiciaries -- To State Probation Officers and Parole Boards -- To State Departments of Corrections and Local Jail Administrators -- To Other Local Government Entities -- To the Federal Government -- Congress -- Department of Justice -- Department of Health and Human Services -- Department of Housing and Urban Development.
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