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Applying best practices to military commerical-derivative aircraft engine sustainment : assessment of using parts manufacturer approval (PMA) parts and designated engineering representative (DER) repairs / Mary E. Chenoweth, Michael Boito, Shawn McKay, Rianne Laureijs.

Chenoweth, Mary E. [Browse]
Santa Monica : Rand Corporation, 2016.
xxii, 108 pages ; 23 cm.
  • Research report (Rand Corporation) ; RR-1020/1-OSD. [More in this series]
  • Research report ; RR-1020/1-OSD
Summary note:
  • Parts Manufacturer Approval (PMA) parts and designated engineering representative (DER) repairs are parts and repairs that are provided by third-party companies and certified by the Federal Aviation Administration to be airworthy and interchangeable with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or repairs. Currently, all major U.S. carriers use PMA parts and DER repairs in their own fleets so they can introduce competition, save costs, and maintain a more robust supply chain of parts and repairs. The Department of Defense (DoD) is interested in increasing its use of similar kinds of alternate parts and repairs.
  • This report assesses the feasibility and extent to which DoD might decrease its aircraft operating and support costs without a loss of safety or reliability through the increase in the use of non-OEM parts and repairs. The authors performed case studies on two engines used by the Air Force and the Navy; conducted a literature review; interviewed subject matter experts, engineers, and contracting personnel; and mined PMA and DoD data to analyze parts commonality among DoD engines. The authors find substantial evidence of cost savings where the Air Force and Navy have used PMA parts and DER repairs; however, they also find large differences in how, and how aggressively, the military services pursue the use of these practices in comparison with commercial airlines. The authors offer recommendations on how DoD and the services can revise their processes to realize greater benefits from PMA parts and DER repairs.
  • "RR-1020/1-OSD"--Cover page 4.
  • "National Defense Research Institute."
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 103-108)
Preface -- Figures and Tables -- Summary -- Acknowledgments -- Abbreviations -- 1 Introduction: Financial Pressures on Commercial Airlines and Maintenance Practices to Cut Costs -- Potential for Use of Commercial Maintenance Practices in the Department of Defense -- Study Objective and Methodology -- Report Organization -- 2 Case Study Engines: CF6-50 Engine -- CFM56-2 Engine -- 3 PMA Parts and DER Repairs: Sections of Engines Where PMA Parts and DER Repairs Are Typically Used -- Alternate Sources of Supply and Repair -- Parts Manufacturer Approval -- Third-Party Repairs: Authorized Repair Stations and Designated Engineering Representative Repairs -- Other Alternate Parts: Used Commercial Parts and Owner-Operated Parts -- 4 Actual and Potential Cost Savings Associated with Alternate Sources of Parts and Repairs on Case Study Engines: F103 (CF6-50C2) Engine -- F108 Data Analyses -- The Navy's E-6B Strategy for Supply Chain Management -- Summary of Cost Savings from Alternate Sources on Two Case Study Engines -- 5 Categorization of Real and Perceived Risks of Greater Use of PMA Parts and DER Repairs: Quality or Reliability Differences Between OEM and Non-OEM Parts and Repairs -- OEM Responses to PMA Parts and DER Repairs -- Differences in Military and Civilian Flight Profiles and Operating Environments -- 6 Source Approval Request Processes for PMA Parts and DER Repairs: Air Force Source Approval Request Process -- Key Differences Between Air Force and Commercial Airline Source Approval Processes -- Step 1 Identifying Potential Opportunities for Alternate Parts and Sources -- Step 2 Engaging the Supply Base -- Step 3 Reviewing Source Approval Packages -- Step 4 Configuration Management -- Step 5 Procurement and Monitoring -- One Last Difference Between Commercial Airline and Air Force Consideration of Alternate Sources of Parts and Repairs -- 7 Synthesis and Recommendations: Recommendations -- APPENDIXES -- References.
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