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Aristotle on false reasoning : language and the world in the Sophistical Refutations / Scott G. Schreiber.

Schreiber, Scott G. (Scott Gregory), 1952- [Browse]
Albany : State University of New York Press, [2003]
xv, 248 pages ; 23 cm.
SUNY series in ancient Greek philosophy. [More in this series]
Summary note:
"Presenting the first book-length study in English of Aristotle's Sophistical Refutations, this work takes a fresh look at this seminal text on false reasoning. Through a careful and critical analysis of Aristotle's examples of sophistical reasoning, Scott G. Schreiber explores Aristotle's rationale for his taxonomy of twelve fallacy types. Contrary to certain modern attempts to reduce all fallacious reasoning to either errors of logical form of linguistic imprecision, Aristotle insists that, as important as form and language are, certain types of false reasoning derive their persuasiveness from mistaken beliefs about the nature of language and the nature of the world."--Jacket.
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 233-240) and indexes.
Introduction: Reasoning and the Sophistical Refutations -- Aristotle on the Kinds of Reasoning -- The Sophistical Refutations -- Fallacies Due to Language -- The Power of Names -- Naming Is Not Like Counting -- "Counters" -- "Signifiers" -- Homonymy and Amphiboly -- Introduction: Aristotle's Use of [characters not reproducible] -- The Six Sources of False Reasoning Due to Language -- Homonymy -- Homonymy in the Categories -- Homonymy in S.E. -- Amphiboly -- Amphiboly in S.E. -- Amphiboly Outside the Organon -- Problems with Aristotle's Distinction: The Argument of S.E. 17 -- Form of the Expression -- Form of the Expression As a Category Mistake -- Confusion of Substance with Quantity -- Confusion of Substance with Relative -- Confusion of Substance with Quality -- Confusion of Substance with Time -- Confusion of Activity with "Being-Affected" -- Confusion of Activity with Quality -- Form of the Expression Fallacies That Are Not Category Mistakes -- Confusion of a Particular with a Universal -- Confusion of One Particular Substance with Another -- Confusions Based on Gender Terminations -- Form of the Expression and Solecism: Aristotle and Protagoras -- Form of the Expression As a Linguistic Fallacy of Double Meaning -- Composition, Division, and Accent -- Difficulties and Procedure -- Fallacies Due to Accent -- Fallacies Due to Composition and Division (C/D) -- C/D Fallacies Are Not Examples of Double Meaning -- The Primacy of Oral Speech -- Confusing Linguistic Parts and Wholes -- C/D Fallacies in the Rhetoric.
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