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From theory to practice : People's Liberation Army Air Force aviation training at the operational unit / Lyle J. Morris, Eric Heginbotham.

Morris, Lyle J. [Browse]
  • Santa Monica, Calif. : Rand Corporation, [2016]
  • ©2016
ix, 36 pages : color illustrations ; 28 cm.
Summary note:
"The People's Liberation Army Air Force (PLAAF) has embarked on a major institutional reform to train and equip a modern, professional aviator corps. At the heart of this reform is an effort to train officers under what the People's Liberation Army refers to as "actual combat conditions". Such an emphasis reflects an acknowledgment by senior leaders that the PLAAF, and by extension the entire Chinese armed forces, is ill prepared to "fight and win" wars against potentially superior military competitors and must therefore reinvigorate training programs to meet the missions that the Chinese Air Force may be called on to execute. This report seeks to assess PLAAF pilot proficiency by examining training held at operational aviation units in the context of the larger PLAAF training system. The first section analyzes the hierarchy of PLAAF training guidance. The second section examines the PLAAF training system for pilots prior to their arrival at their operational units, to include an examination of the theoretical and practical methods of instruction. The third section covers the transition to the PLAAF operational aviation unit and the content of unit training to include an analysis of the PLAAF annual training cycle. The fourth section addresses the development and training of instructor pilots at the unit level. The final section seeks to evaluate the operational competency and weaknesses within the PLAAF aviation training system"--Publisher's description.
  • "RAND Project Air Force."
  • "Prepared for the United States Air Force."
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Includes bibliographical references (pages 33-36).
Preface -- Figures -- Summary -- Acknowledgments -- Abbreviations -- 1 Introduction -- 2 PLAAF Training Guidance -- 3 PLAAF Aviation Pre-Unit Training System: Phase 1: Academic Institution Learning and Basic Training (Four Years) -- Phase 2: Flight College Training (One to Two Years) -- Phase 3 Flight Transition Training Phase (One Year) -- 4 PLAAF Pilot Training at the Unit Level: Aviation Unit Training Cycle: New Year Flight Training (January-February) -- Subjects and Topics (March-May) -- Peak Drill, Exercise, and Evaluation Season (June-August) -- Year-End Evaluations (November-December) -- Tactics and Combat Methods Training at the Operational Base -- 5 PLAAF Aviation Instructor Training and Development -- 6 Assessing Progress and Weaknesses in PLAAF Aviation Unit Training: Progress -- Shortcomings -- 7 Overall Assessment -- Appendix. Notional USAF Versus PLAAF Fighter Pilot Pre-Unit Training -- References.
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People's Liberation Army Air Force aviation training at the operational unit
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