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Routledge handbook of modern Japanese literature [electronic resource] / edited by Rachael Hutchinson and Leith Morton.

Milton Park, Abingdon, Oxon : New York, N.Y. : Routledge, 2016.
1 online resource (x, 353 p.)
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Includes bibliographical references and index.
sect. I. Literature, space and time. 1. Space and time in modern Japanese literature / Stephen Dodd -- 2. Literature short on time: modern moments in haiku and tanka / Jon Holt -- 3. Kawabata Yasunari's The scarlet gang of Asakusa and Tokyo space / Alisa Freedman -- 4. Inner pieces : isolation, inclusion, and interiority in modern women's fiction / Amanda C. Seaman -- sect. II. Gender and sexuality. 5. Queer reading and modern Japanese literature / J. Keith Vincent -- 6. Feminism and Japanese literature / Barbara Hartley -- 7. Nagai Kafū's feminist perspective / Rachael Hutchinson -- sect. III. Literature and politics. 8. The proletarian literature movement: experiment and experience / Mats Karlsson -- 9. Writing and politics : Japanese literature and the Fifteen Years War (1931-1945) / Leith Morton -- 10. Expedient conversion? Tenkō in trans-war Japanese literature / Mark Williams -- 11. Postwar Japanese fiction and the legacy of unequal Japan-US relations / Kota Inoue -- sect. IV. Writing war memory. 12. Critical postwar war literature : trauma, narrative memory and responsible history / David Stahl -- 13. Writing and remembering the Battle of Okinawa : war memory and literature / Kyle Ikeda -- 14. The need to narrate the Tokyo air raids : the literature of Saotome Katsumoto / Justin Aukema --- sect. V. National and colonial identities. 15. Abusive medicine and continued culpability : the Japanese empire and its aftermaths in East Asian literatures / Karen Thornber -- 16. National literature and beyond : Mizumura Minae and Hideo Levy / Angela Yiu -- 17. Listening in : the languages of the body in Kim Chang-Saeng's 'Crimson fruit' / Catherine Ryu -- sect. VI. Bunjin and the bundan. 18. Kuki Shūzō as philosopher-poet / Hiroshi Nara -- 19. The Akutagawa/Tanizaki debate : reflections on bundan discourse / Rebecca Mak -- 20. The rise of women writers, the heisei i-novel, and the contemporary bundan / Kendall Heitzman -- sect. VII. Literature and technology. 21. Electronic literature and youth culture : the rise of the Japanese cell phone novel / Kelly Hansen -- 22. Narrative in the digital age : from light novels to web serials / Satomi Saito -- 23. Japanese twitterature : global media, formal innovation, cultural différance / Jonathan E. Abel.
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  • Handbook of modern Japanese literature
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