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The US labor market : questions and challenges for public policy / edited by Michael R. Strain.

  • Washington, DC : American Enterprise Institute, [2016]
  • ©2016
x, 289 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm
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I. Should we be concerned about the state of economic mobility in the US? -- How much social mobility? More, but not without other things / Miles Corak -- What should be done to increase intergenerational mobility in the US? / Bhash Mazumder -- II. Is productivity the most important determinant of compensation? -- Marginally true : the connection of pay to productivity / Dean Baker -- Does productivity still determine worker compensation? Domestic and international evidence / Robert Z. Lawrence -- III. How can we build workers' skills? -- Is "skill" a topic for policy? / Peter Cappelli -- Worker skills and the US labor market : what role should policy play? / Harry J. Holzer -- IV. How can we make work pay? -- Supporting work, inclusion, and mass prosperity / Glenn Hubbard -- What do we really know about the employment effects of the minimum wage? / Justin Wolfers -- V. Do public policies that reduce the reward to work significantly diminish labor supply? -- The US safety net and work incentives : is there a problem? What should be done? / Robert A. Moffitt -- The rise of employment taxation / Casey B. Mulligan -- VI. What are the economic effects of lesser-skilled immigration on lesser-skilled native workers? -- Low-skill immigration / George J. Borjas -- Less-skilled immigration : economic effects and policy responses / Pia M. Orrenius and Madeline Zavodny -- VII. Would cutting the coporate tax rate significantly increase jobs in the US? -- Would reducing the US corporate tax rate increase employment in the United States? / Martin Feldstein -- Business tax reform and the labor market / Jason Furman and Betsey Stevenson -- VIII. What should we do about those Americans who are especially difficult to employ? -- Making work a priority for working-age people with disabilities / Richard V. Burkhauser and Mary C. Daly -- How to help the hard-to-employ : a focus on young men, especially the ex-incarcerated / Timothy M. Smeeding -- IX. Should we be concerned about income inequality? -- Is the concept of inequality the best way of thinking about our economic problems? / Tyler Cowen -- Should we be concerned about income inequality in the United States? / Melissa S. Kearney.
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